Partnership within
a community

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Moneyou offers financial services and products and is more rapidly becoming international. A subsidiary of ABN AMRO that was established in 2001, Moneyou is positioned as a challenger in the market. One of its roles is to launch 'outside-thebox' innovations. According to HR Officer Franca Leurs, that works best within a community of partners.

Of the approximately 300 people who work for Moneyou, fewer than 60 have permanent employment contracts. The rest are freelancers, agency temps, and staff from partners, such as Schuberg Philis. As HR Officer, Franca Leurs tries to ensure coherence by implementing a well-thought-out onboarding process. At the same time, everyone who works for Moneyou can retain elements of his or her own organizational culture. That can result in some unique interactions.


"Our partners were involved from the beginning about what we, as a challenger bank, wanted to be," explains Franca Leurs, "and how we should signal our identity, to the market and to the people who work for Moneyou. Together we decided that we constitute a community with a shared purpose and will. We are a pioneering bank that challenges the status quo and transcends frontiers in our product development and in the markets we serve."

Moneyou works at eye level, internally and in our dealings with customers. "People want to control their own finances, their lives, and their futures. Moneyou, with its streamlined structure, supports that by developing precisely the products that customers need. The agile methodology comes in useful here."

Their Reference Guide describes how Moneyou works, presenting various examples of behavior that relate to objectives and the choices available, with quotes and insights from people based on their experience. "It's a living document, that can be used during onboarding, in team discussions, when recruiting talent, and in working with our partners," says Franca Leurs.

Valuable learning process

Moneyou's interaction with Schuberg Philis goes beyond its specific contribution in the IT field. It's also a question of shared values, objectives, and the personal contribution and commitment of the people involved. "In the past we were very much focused on our own world," says Chief DNA Officer at Schuberg Philis Lotta Croiset van Uchelen. "We did our own specific things in our own office. Nowadays we do more and more together. In this model, you need to know exactly where and when each person's contribution will deliver the greatest value. Then you can give others a chance to be really good at something. That's been a valuable learning process for us."

Mark van 't Kruijs, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis, adds: "In the past we had a whole range of training courses focusing on consolidating our own identity. Then, once you had absorbed the Schuberg Philis colors, you set to work for a customer. But if you first learn to present the Schuberg Philis norms and values and then face a comparable process with the customer, it can get complicated. That's why we now also want to do this in a spirit of cooperation."

With all of our customers, we are always striving for a better, more efficient, and more effective partnership.


That future together is an inspiration for all those involved. Franca Leurs was enthusiastic when she saw that Schuberg Philis works with internal coaches: "These are people who have an affinity for a specific theme and want to support others in that area. That's appropriate for an organization that puts people in control: doing and developing what's really needed, together. This is a concept that I never lose sight of. It works the other way too: we have shared our own dynamics, such as our onboarding process, with them."

Lotta Croiset van Uchelen: "At Moneyou, everything is managed according to its added value for the enterprise as a whole and that's certainly something we can learn from." Mark van 't Kruijs adds: "In the same way, with all of our customers, we are always striving for a better, more efficient, and more effective partnership. Working elbow to elbow when necessary and allowing each other more room wherever possible."


Franca Leurs is certainly not afraid to partly develop the company roadmap within this community: "You might want to keep your cards close to your chest, but the financial world is moving inevitably in the direction that we've chosen. Our parent company ABN AMRO is also learning from the developments here. That makes it super interesting."