End-to-end control over the stack

Icon of camera Elmer de Valk


The IT world is becoming increasingly complex. Due in part to the rise of private and public clouds, ever more components are being managed by more and more parties. This creates a growing need for monitoring, transparency, and insight into all the IT components – applications, clouds, and suppliers – that together support a business process.

"The challenge facing PostNL was a fragmented system landscape," says Elmer de Valk, co-founder and Managing Partner of Plat4mation, which was established in 2013. "PostNL wanted to have end-to-end control of all components. We achieved that, in partnership with Schuberg Philis, by implementing the ServiceNow platform."


Once you have an overview of all the components in the IT landscape, you can monitor them and see the relationships between them. "If you know what business processes the IT components support, you know what the impact of a possible outage would be. That way you can take a solution-oriented approach to prevention or recovery."

Plat4mation's contribution to PostNL thus far has not so much been replacing the management applications as adding a layer above them. Elmer de Valk: "We've put ServiceNow to work on systems, to gain insight and to provide visualization. That offers PostNL an added degree of transparency for all their business processes. We don't replace or manage components, because the engineers do that. We create an end-to-end picture which the IT-colleagues can use to connect to the business."

Change agenda

Plat4mation is looking beyond the IT service management sector in which ServiceNow built its reputation a few years ago. "We do everything that the platform offers, which includes project management, program and portfolio management, agile development, IT operations management, customer services, and HR."