Continuous journey

DevOps event McKinsey & Schuberg Philis


Early last year, we were approached by McKinsey to jointly host a DevOps 'community style’ conference in Amsterdam. We had already collaborated with McKinsey on various projects in the past and we were excited to work together again. Our aim was to create an event that would inspire McKinsey and their clients, our colleagues and customers, and spread the word about the DevOps movement.

With our teams working closely together, we fashioned a day rich with organizational talks, technical talks, and culture talks, sharing each other’s experiences over the past few years. It was also a great networking event where the attendees had the freedom to meet each other, chat about their businesses, and gain insight from those who already work in a DevOps way. On July 12, 2017, delegates from as far and wide as Washington DC and Singapore flew in to Schuberg Philis to listen to the talks.

DevOps is about creating a culture of openness, sharing, and improving together.

For us, the openness of DevOps has been part of our way of working for many years. It started when, Arjan Eriks, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis, asked John Allspaw (formerly CTO of Etsy and Flicker) to come to Amsterdam and give a talk about the DevOps methodology and the culture at Schuberg Philis. As a founding father of DevOps, he inspired all of us with his presentation. DevOps is about creating a culture of openness, sharing, and improving together – something that isn’t always found in the corporate world. As it turned out, we were already implementing half of the DevOps processes and it seemed to make perfect sense for us to take the other half on board.

This created a strong affinity with the global DevOps Days-movement, and a few years ago we initiated the DevOps Days in Amsterdam. Today it’s a thriving corporate community of 2,500 members that draws in over 450 people every year.