Growing our team

Getting stuff done


Thanks to the flexibility and freedom at Schuberg Philis, Bas den Uijl thinks that official job titles are a bit irrelevant, "but if you had to pin me down, it would be Scrum Master, Agile coach, or facilitator."

Bas den Uijl has almost always been involved with project management. In his previous jobs, he discovered that what he enjoyed most was helping teams and individuals to discover better ways to organize themselves and their work. Happy teams make for happy customers.

Steadier pace

Job titles are a bit irrelevant

"My main expertise is as a facilitator – I like to work with people to get stuff done. When I joined, my focus was on a team that was feeling the pressure of a tough project. We managed to get the project under control so that we could make better decisions. When we finished that project, we shifted our way of working to a more operational mode. This helped us to maintain a steadier pace when dealing with a variety of topics."

As all the Customer Teams at Schuberg Philis are self-empowered, there are a wide variety of approaches within teams and very different customer requirements. This means that one solution certainly doesn’t fit all. Bas den Uijl’ role is to assist these teams in finding different ways of working – or as he calls it 'guided discovery’. It’s not about being prescriptive; he prefers to use more of a 'let’s try it and see’ approach: "This is a particularly enjoyable part of my role. I’m here to help teams move forward in the best possible way."

Free to decide

"What I find absolutely great is the fact that within Schuberg Philis every team is free to decide on their own way of working. This is because the individuals and their experiences will always be different, and the customer situation can vary greatly. So, although the solution will be based firmly on agile principles, as well as the DevOps methods and culture, ultimately it will probably be different to what was expected and it will always be up for review together with the team and the customer."