Continuous journey

An Ace collaboration idea


How do you stay young when you've reached your 17th birthday? Every year that goes by we want to continually reinvent ourselves through fresh ideas, meeting new people, and trying new approaches. As part of this philosophy, Schuberg Philis is teaming up with startups, researchers, and students at ACE Incubator to share knowledge and jumpstart innovation projects around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Arjan Eriks, Managing Director at Schuberg Philis: "We investigated the ecosystem around startups in the Netherlands to see if we could plug in and collaborate. One of these, which is based in Amsterdam, is Ace Venture Labs. It's very closely connected with the University of Amsterdam, especially in the field of AI – an area that's very interesting to us and our customers. Some of the most important IT trends right now are cloud native, cyber security, and big data. And AI is a big player in all of them."

BIT students

Located at Startup Village in the Amsterdam Science Park, Ace Venture Labs is buzzing with potential. Mike Wessling, Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis Labs: "We toured the village with several colleagues and met some very motivated young people. One group is called 'BIT students' and they study Computer Science, or as they put it: History Lessons. Alongside their Computer Science studies, they dedicate 20 hours a week to 'real work', such as creating AI-based applications that can solve issues for real customers. And this approach is what interested us most."Arjan Eriks: "Many of our customers want to become better at data-driven decisionmaking. This helps them make decisions faster, more efficiently, and it gives them an advantage over competitors. By partnering with ACE, we can collaborate with the smart young minds that are exploring the very latest developments. In return, they learn a lot from our vast experience in developing and maintaining mission-critical environments."

Get ready for the next level.